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About the Recipe

Indulge in the elegance of Italy with the Bellini, a luscious and effervescent cocktail that graces the menu at Outpost. Crafted to perfection, the Bellini showcases the divine marriage of peach puree and sparkling prosecco, creating a symphony of flavours that will transport your senses to the picturesque landscapes of Venice. Join us in savouring this delightful cocktail and learn how we create the heavenly Bellini that leaves our cherished customers enchanted.


1. 25 ml peach puree

2. Chilled prosecco

3. Ice cubes


  • Begin by chilling your champagne flute or wine glass. A cool glass ensures the Bellini remains refreshing from the first sip to the last.

  • Measure 25 ml of peach puree and pour it into the chilled glass. We use only the finest peach puree to capture the essence of this classic cocktail.

  • Carefully top up the glass with chilled prosecco. The sparkling wine's effervescence elevates the Bellini, making it a celebration in a glass.

  • Stir the mixture gently, allowing the peach puree and prosecco to harmonise beautifully.

  • If preferred, you can add a few ice cubes to keep the Bellini cool and refreshing.

  • Serve the Bellini immediately in order to bask in the heavenly flavours at their peak.

The Bellini isn't just a cocktail; it's a sensory journey that captures the essence of summer in Italy. At Outpost, we also offer variations of the classic Bellini, such as the strawberry Bellini or the raspberry Bellini, for those seeking a delightful twist.

Join us in savouring the Bellini, a timeless masterpiece that encapsulates the allure of Italy's sun-dappled vineyards. Let the combination of peach and prosecco transport you to a world of refined sophistication and joy. Cheers to creating cherished memories and elevating your senses with the enchanting Bellini!

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