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About us

Our story - like many others - meanders around the careers of individuals, through restaurants concepts, late night bars, clubs, festivals and some music businesses. For this project we have partnered with a London based hospitality group, combining our experience and expertise to bring you a mix of great drinks, simple food, elegant interiors and a smooth bespoke sound system. 

Perhaps most importantly however, our story reflects the encounters and relationships we've experienced along the way! (You can enquire here if you'd like to know more about our senior team.)

And so, at OutPost we are primarily focused on relationships.

We believe that “relationships” are as necessary to health, as one might consider food & water (or pizza & beer)! Members of our team have worked in mental health & health care, also fundraising, volunteering and so on.

Poor mental health has become a hidden disability for many. Recent events, inequalities in modern living and the chronic lack of publicly funded mental health support available to people, means that so many suffer in punishing silence. 


We support mental health charities. 
We have worked with London based club promoter "Click" to raise money for Mind UK on numerous occasions and are always open to suggestions and collaborations, so please ask!
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