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About the Recipe

Indulge in the symphony of Italian elegance with our exquisite Negroni at Outpost. This masterful cocktail boasts an enchanting fusion of premium London dry gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth, creating a harmonious balance of flavours that stands the test of time. Step into a world of sophistication and let us craft the perfect Negroni that will leave you enchanted.


- 25 ml top-shelf London dry gin

- 25 ml Campari

- 25 ml sweet vermouth

- Orange twist (for garnish)

- Ice cubes


  • Begin by filling a rocks glass with ice cubes, ensuring the ideal temperature for your Negroni.

  • Pour 25 ml of top-shelf London dry gin: Beefeater into the glass, laying the groundwork for an extraordinary cocktail.

  • Add 25 ml of Campari, infusing the cocktail with its alluring bittersweet allure.

  • Follow with 25 ml of sweet Martini Vermouth, enriching the blend with its velvety and herbal undertones.

  • Stir the cocktail with grace and precision, allowing the flavours to intertwine harmoniously.

  • Garnish your Negroni with a twist of orange peel, releasing its citrusy oils for a tantalising aroma.

  • Serve immediately, beckoning you to experience the symphony of Italian elegance.

The Negroni is an ode to timeless sophistication. At Outpost, we take pride in curating classic cocktails with finesse, and our mixologists are always delighted to tailor your Negroni to perfection.

Join us and embrace the allure of the Negroni, a masterpiece that celebrates the artistry of Italian mixology. Raise your glass and revel in the elegance of this captivating and enduring classic. Cheers to creating unforgettable memories with the enchanting Negroni!

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